Friday, January 20, 2012

Nikon D4 DSLR Camera

It's here the Nikon D4 DSLR Camera....well the arrival date is February 16, 2012 but oh yes many photographers are already eyeing to this camera. How I wish someday I could own this one. Mind you for the body only it cost a whooping $5,999.99! Yup that's for the body only. For now I'll only dream because not in the million years hubby would buy this for me, lol!! 
The summary:

The D4 is engineered to achieve image integrity in the most diverse and difficult lighting conditions, thanks to an optimized balance between the FX-format sensor size (36.0 x 23.9 mm) and 16.2 effective megapixels. Uncompromised data readout speed delivers up to 11 fps performance in FX format — faster than any other Nikon camera.
The 16.2 megapixels yield not only stunning depth and detail, but also more flexibility in post-production cropping for magazine-quality prints and web publishing. Image quality this versatile is a direct result of Nikon’s sophisticated approach to sensor design. Each pixel is as large as 7.3 μm, and painstakingly engineered to collect the maximum amount of light and render the highest possible image quality in both bright and dark conditions. Incredibly clean images with smooth gradations even at high ISO sensitivities can be realized thanks to the optimized noise-reduction design and 14-bit A/D conversion built into the sensor.
Unique to Nikon, the D4 expands your still image shooting possibilities with four image area options: FX format (36.0 x 23.9 mm), 5:4 crop (29.9 x 23.9 mm), 1.2x crop (29.9 x 19.9 mm) andD X format (23.4 x 15.5 mm). The camera also offers three image area options for Full HD video thereby tripling its potential for movie making. 


LV said...

I could use a new camera, but will let this one go to someone that has more money than sense.

Kim, USA said...

Hi LV, right!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hey, Kim! Your sunset photos are so beautiful, but this camera makes me drool! Some of my nephews have $2,000 cameras, but $6,000? I only wish, wish, wish.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. BTW, the Mariners are in Seattle, WA.


Kathy M.

thomas said...

I think this camera will be too good for amateur like us,
i am using a Nikon D90 and it's already more than enough.
maybe a leica V-lux 3 will be more handy.

labbie1 said...


michi said...

this is my wish for this year or any dslr will do. thanks for visiting my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

Got it

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