Saturday, November 5, 2011

Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning

I was talking to my sister in law this morning and she asked me how is the weather here in Michigan I told her our temperature is 35F for now. She just chuckled because down Austin where she is at, the sun is out and the temperature is just right for her to walk around and tend the surrounding of her house.  Since her son went to Texas to find a job 30 years ago Austin, Texas is her second home state. She never had a problem with anything because of this one company and the website is that can do anything for her. She told me that this week she is going to call them because she wants their services for a non toxic carpet cleaning Austin, Texas services. As far as I know, she is depending on this company for quite sometime now. I remember when they had a problem with flooring and even cleaning the air duct she always call these company. Moreover, I bet that this company and its people working there is doing well because if not customers will not come back and tell people how good they are. For now, I hope she will not forget that her priority this week is to clean her carpet because sometimes she forgets lol!


Hasti said...

hi dear kim
i read this post.
i hope your sister in law don't forget anything more!

and thank you for visiting my blog and your comment.

i am not good in EN , excuse me!

jyothisethu said...

hi kim,
the write up is interesting. visited the cleaning peoples' site also...

floor medic said...

great post :)
Thanks for sharing.

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