Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not able to join the 2nd World Wide Photo Walk

My oh my, I am waiting for this day to come but I decided not to go to the 2nd World Wide Photo Walk it is too cold outside. Our temperature today is 44F and if I go hubby will go too and I do not want him or me to be sick exposing ourselves to this kind of weather. Tomorrow the weather forecast says it will be 60F that would be nice but I wish the sun will come out at least to warm up a little bit. Aside from that it is also raining and windy, I don't have accessories to cover my lenses for this kind of weather. Well there will be another time of course. I am looking forward to our Apple picking tomorrow and tomorrows weather forecast is 60F. I pray it won't rain tomorrow.

                                           I am not a green tomato I am a green apple ^_^

                                                           First of the Month


Faye said...

Glad you told us--sure looks like a tomato. Good luck with the APPLE picking tomorrow. Last night we had the coldest night of the season which helped with my FOTM photo.

Teresa said...

What a shame the weather isn't cooperating. Hope you have fun picking apples.

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Glad that you stopped by and enjoyed my painting.

Love your green apple! Simple, yet beautiful!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

It does look like a tomato. I hope that things warm up for you. We are having beautiful fall weather here in Central Oregon.


Kathy M.

Pamela said...

I thought I left a comment when I was traveling and reading on my Droid cell phone. hmmmm

I loved my mama's green applesauce when I was a kid. I actually made some this summer when my neighbor gave me some "transparent"

Not as good as hers.. but I think the apples were more ripe than what she used

Rebecca said...

Sorry you missed your photo walk. Out weather forecast was not that good, but the rains held of until the next day.

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