Saturday, October 8, 2011

Learn About Walden

I have learned about Walden through a cousin. Yesterday, I chatted with her for hours and she told me that she is going to go back to school. I asked her if she could manage her schedule because in the beginning she is a wife and a mother of two. She also works few hours in a week and going back to school is a lot of effort and time-consuming thinking about commuting everyday going to school. Well she told me about Walden University’s online degree programs which she also learned it from a neighbor who just recently decided changing her career. She further told me that she is glad offers this to everybody because going back to ground school will never materialized because of her schedule. 
Getting an education online is what I am planning to do. For months now, I have been searching high and lo to what school who has the best online program. In addition, as my cousin has told me has the best online programs. I have not check their financial aid yet but I am pretty sure that they a good one. Economy here in the USA is not doing well, changing a career is the best move to further the knowledge and therefore get a good job later. 

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