Thursday, October 13, 2011

For Rent

The other day my brother in law and his wife came to visit us and they were fresh from a cruise. They told us after they saw Edmonton, Canada that they were looking for apartments for rent in Edmonton to stay for the next summer. He and his wife do like Edmonton I could really tell because after they went to Alaska, Vancouver they went to Edmonton and they showed us photos but they talked more about Edmonton.
I live here in Michigan and as everybody knew, Michigan is just a lake away from Canada. I love to visit Canada for the fact I find this country beautiful. From the East to the West as well as from the North to the South we can see variation of landscape. Two years ago, hubby and I went to Niagara Falls, Canada and I love it there. I do not blame him the pictures says it all and after they were gone I check online and I find Edmonton a place that you like to raise a family. I have some friends who live there and they keep on asking me when I am going to visit them. Now that I have an idea, what Edmonton looks like and what we are going to do if I am going to visit them I will tell them I will be there next spring. In addition, who knows just like my brother in law we might find a place to rent there too.


Jo's This and That said...

Thanks for sharing,JoAnn

Helene said...

I will be following you to see what you decide. After reading your post, I thought about this and realized that a move like that can be major. It's not like moving to another state, it's moving to another country! Wow! BUT, anyone can do anything if they are determined and passionate. Keep us posted!

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