Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Business

Posted by Von Battle

My brother and I have always had a thing for animals and though he grew up to become a vet I knew that wouldn’t work for me. There was no way I could handle seeing animals sad and sick so I decided to do something different – I now own a home based doggie day care. It’s been great and I can legally have up to 8 dogs at once which is really just the highlight of my day. They get to run around and play in my big backyard and they’re just thrilled to death to come to my house each day. It makes me so happy! I tried to make the parts of the house the dogs aren’t allowed in better than ever, adding cable tv satellite and getting some new furniture since I spend all day dirty and covered in dog hair. That’s been helpful for both me and my wife since she goes to work every day and doesn’t exactly want all the dogs to roam around in the house while she’s gone!

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