Saturday, October 22, 2011

Egyptian Walking onion

Egyptian Walking Onions (also called tree or top onions) are wonderful, unique perennials. These alliums are unique in the way they produce bulblets on the top of their stalks, where most relatives would instead produce just flowers.
Good Eating
The bulblets are edible, as is the stalk, and of course the larger bulbs below the ground. Slightly spicier than typical onions, they may be substituted in most any case for onions when preparing recipes. The stalks are thick and hollow, and similar to scallions. Some gardeners even like to snack on the bulblets while working in the yard!
Walking Onions?
These heirloom onions get their name from the way they produce their seeds at the top of the plant. As the tops get heavier, they pull the plant down toward the ground and seed nearby areas.
Eventually, this process causes the plants to “walk” farther and farther away from where they started. Left unchecked, these plants will continue to spread and grow, but there are simple steps gardeners can take to control or eliminate the spreading.


Sivinden said...

I once had these in my garden - it's an interesting plant.

The Retired One said...

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Myric said...

That is a very interesting plant! The name caught my attention.

The pictures are great! I love the second one!


Marilyn said...

Super sweet post.. love it. Very pretty..I'm officially following ya with smiles.. I wanted to know if you would like to join in on my project..? Project PINK.. Painting the blog world PINK for a day.. Breast Cancer Awareness on Oct 3oth..!! Over 40 blogs so far are in.. Please check it out - it'll mean SO MUCH to me.. Wishing you a lovely weekend..

bobbybegood1 said...

I would love to taste. Where do you purchase them from? I have never seen before. Cheers!!

Haddock said...

Everytime you read a blog post, you learn something.
Now I know the "walking" secret.

Helene said...

Love the photos and I am intrigued by this plant. So unique!

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