Monday, September 12, 2011

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This is for women who happen to have a vaginal mesh implants. I heard that a vaginal mesh lawsuit is available to women who happened to feel complications associated with vaginal mesh implants. When I hear this lawsuit from a friend I look at the website immediately and read the information. Vaginal mesh, also known as a bladder sling or pelvic mesh, is a product that often implanted surgically into the vaginal area of a woman to inhibit chances of pelvic organ prolapse or POP. Pelvic organ prolapse affects the womb within the vaginal area, causing it to fall and possibly leading to the slipping of the bowel and bladder. This can, in turn, lead to considerable pressure to the vagina as well as high levels of discomfort, pain and urinary issues.
It is kind of scary knowing that this could happen to anyone. I think of friends who might have done this surgery but I hope their is none. Anyone, can go to the website and fill in the free case evaluation. It is better to act now than being sorry.


bobbybegood1 said...

Thanks. Very informative. Great advice. I don't suffer from this disorder, but good you inform women about it. Smart. Cheers Kim!!

Christine Montgomery said...

I really appreciate that you posted this. While getting information about filing a lawsuit if someone suffered from a mesh implant is important, I consider that is more important that the topic is talked about and women have access to quality information. The complications caused by the synthetic mesh used in transvaginal repair surgeries can be horrible. The pain can be unimaginable, the recurrence of infections is high, not to mention damages internal organs can suffer from the mesh.
At least by being aware of the problems associated with the transvaginal mesh kits, women will know what questions to ask from their doctors and what to look out for.

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