Friday, August 12, 2011


Are you comfortable flashing a smile in front of people?  On the other hand, does it bother you because your teeth are not white? When I was young, I love candies and my mother always reminds me not to eat candies because it will ruin my teeth and it does. I was in high school when my two front teeth has this black decaying looking stuff in between and I am not happy about it. I was working then when I went to a dentist and I feel great!
However, sad to say the false teeth did not last long good thing that I was already here in the US that it happened. I called the dentist office for an appointment, went there, and found out that he cannot fix my teeth. I do not understand why but he told me that my dentist is sticking something in between my teeth that he could not get it. The dentist did not fix my teeth and I feel bad about it.  I went home and talked to hubby, he suggested finding dentists online, and I did.  To find dentists online is not easy because there are many websites to choose.  We do not know if these dentists are professionals who know what they are doing.  I was reprimanded by hubby not to give my full trust to anyone most specially if it is about professional service. However, I found out that smile generation is the best of this kind of field so why not try. 

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