Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photography Camera Rental in Miami

Growing up in my native country Philippines having a camera is already a luxury. We have to call a photographer to take us family photos or go to their studio and as far as I remember there where two or three studio in our city that time. And for photographers whom you can call anytime  there were not many. Because of that I do understand that we don't have that many photos aside from that it's not my parents priority at that time. 
Photography then is my dream. I see pictures and I could tell by myself that I can take this photo well. But it was just a dream I haven't owned a camera then and the cost to buy a film is too expensive and don't have money for that. After several years  I came here in the US and it change everything. My interest in photography resurfaced once again specially when hubby bought me my first dslr, I was so happy I couldn't believe it. Then, I started reading a lot of photography websites, reading some books and observing the photos itself.
Then last three weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to take a photos of her daughter for her senior photos I was very excited. We had one day session it was very hot but I couldn't believe I am enjoying what I am doing. I realized then that this is my passion!! Aside from that I earned how cool is that!! But of course, knowing how competitive this kind of business is I am not really at ease with my equipment I have the basic I even don't have a reflector or an added flash from the built in flash hehe. Upon knowing that Splashlight has a photography camera rental Miami itself I was ecstatic. I can then rent and not worried when to buy for the equipment because I know it would take time for me to buy one it's  expensive!! For a newbie photographer this information is like a news from heaven don't you think? My mind is already running 150 mph what I am going to rent when seniors are starting to ask my photography services. Fall is coming fast and the autumn foliage is the best part of it. Now I could tell I am ready thanks to Splashlight Miami. ^_^


Lea said...

My blog is having a fabulous GiveAway you can't miss out on, check it out and let me know what you thing.



don said...

An interesting account of your return to photography. The rental place sounds very good for what you have in mind. Keep shooting…and posting!

EG Wow said...

Digital photography has opened up photography here. Before then photography was a way-too-expensive hobby for me. :)

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