Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to sell it

It's been a while that my two cousins are thinking of selling their property in UK. Both of them are nurses and they went to work in UK while they were single so they acquired property before they both got married. Now that their family are growing the place that they live are no longer practical for them. I was chatting to one of them when Ms G if I know a how to Sell your property quickly guide or Selling your home quickly list that I know. I told them that we might have a different way of doing it since I am here in the US and they are in UK and I think it has differences in who are looking for homes and what they are looking for homes. But I told Ms G that if they know a  real estate agent that they could trust they can start from just talking to the person and then just put in an add a Buy my home sign and if somebody would like to inquire then that's it the ball is rolling. ^_^ She said she is going to follow my advice first and I hope it will work ^_^

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