Saturday, August 13, 2011

Destination Rimini

One of the country that I would love to visit is Italy. I have heard good stories about Italy and how beautiful this country is. A friend of mine live there for years and he told me different places that he visited and what he sees and of course eat. People knew about Tuscany because that's a very known town there is even a movie shoot in that place. But what about other towns and cities like Rimini. Rimini is a medium sized city which has 15 km long sandy beach. A 15 km long sandy beach is an awesome idea for a good vacation.
I had a good conversation with our neighbor across the road and she told me that her and her children went to Italy for a vacation after 4th of July. She showed me pictures and I am amazed how beautiful the places they had been visited. I asked her what place they really stayed on and she told me it's Rimini because her daughter in laws family came from this city. I told her it's beautiful and I haven't heard this name often, she said her too. They stayed at hotel rimini and they were all happy they decided to visit the place next year. I hope I can go with them the pictures itself is beautiful and since I love to photograph it's a haven for me. ^_^

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