Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very tiny white flower

If you go to a drugstore or even a hardware store or dollar store we oftentimes see a box of seeds that's only like $1.00 or a little cents more. Last year or the other year I bought 3 boxes of it and only this year that I tried to spread the seeds on the ground and some on my two big pots. Then after days I started to find sprouting little plants and now there are many varieties of flowers in my one pot. This flower is so small and it's all white and it grew tall, I think taller than the other plants. I don't have a good lens for real macro shots but I manage to get good ones and this one I tweak a little bit and here it is.


Leena said...
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Leena said...

You managed to get excellent and beautiful photo from this delicate flower, Kim.
Perhaps it is some of many Stellarias ?

We have in our nature some of them growing wild.I have good lenses but still it is hard to get a good macro about them.
Happy weekend to you, Kim!

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