Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thinking of home business

Well last night I am browsing the internet on how to begin a home business but in conduit with my passion photography. ^_^ Last few weeks I have been asked to do some photo shoots of my friends daughter and step-son on their dance recital and senior open house invitation party. As a newbie on photography I only rely on my skill and talent ^_^. I don't have the best expensive camera or lenses I even don't have a tripod but for me basin on my newbie eye it the photos turned out good.
As I searched last night for some advice or clues or an article I found a site titled "Your home based business success depends on how you organize your time", I said wow when I read just the title. Because we all need to be organize not just for home business but with work or daily life activities. And as I read I kept on nodding because I truly can say that the article that was written are exactly true. We may have all the good equipment that we have any kind of business if we don't have any system on how to organize things everything is chaos and there will be no good productivity that comes out. Specially when I am thinking about my home based photography. For a session of a client it will take a whole day I guess. But if I knew how to organize things I might get two clients in a day. That would be so cool if I can do that, right? One that I also like is how to keep your work space at home separate and pay attention for details which again very important in the home business I am thinking of. This article helps me realize that the basic things that we have to prepare in joining the band wagon in home business is the most essential in moving forward to a successful business!! ^_^

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