Saturday, July 16, 2011

Outdoor fun

I just read an article online that kids spend a lot of time playing games indoor like games in the computer or video games. And that children of 20 years ago had much fun time spending time playing outdoors half as much as  today's children. Which is for me is so scary because sooner or later we are producing cyborg kids who only knew the animal kingdom from the internet yucky!!
The other day I was driving home and at my neighbors house I saw a new playground equipment. They lived across the road so I walked towards their house. I am so impressed of material It's very colorful and me myself is drawn to the colors much so the kids, right? And I also noticed that she changed her patio chairs to Adirondack chairs which is also very colorful and   it  popped out from the green manicured lawn. And then I think she noticed that I was looking at it so she invited me to seat on the chairs and guess what I choose the yellow to seat on hehe. Today, I am going to see a boat race at one of the big lake here in MI. I was there last Independence day and I love it there. The park is huge and the lake as well. They had very beautiful Picnic tables are colorful and the Park benches are sturdy. Now I am excited to go to see some friends because we are going to ride a pontoon boat to see up close for the boat race. So see you all friends and it's summer have fun!!

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