Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monte Carlo: The most awaited movie!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Monte Carlo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Had you ever experienced that you are in the middle of 5 or more teenagers and every time they all agree on one issue they just go berserk and shout and sort of lost their mind?? Well I did the other day!! I was like shouting my utmost  high pitched voice asking them what's going on!! Well, as always they like to chorused the answer ..... Monte Carlo... will be in theaters tomorrow!!  And they continued saying...we  have to be there no matter what, rain or shine!! I told them that's a very  heavy mellow dramatic dialogued there. And they all just laugh and I could tell their excitement. And so as a doting Aunt...who....of course...gonna pay the movie ticket who else???!! Right?? I asked them what is the movie all about because if it's not my forte I won't give them any money at all and they knew that.

So one by one they explained them to me. First they told me the lead actress is Selena Gomez, which I do like. I think I have seen this kid on one of the cartoon channel and  I like her. And then by the aid of the laptop, they showed me the movie trailer, just click it and it here  . After watching the trailer I could say I love it!!  And I know there will be more to the story, the twist and turn because in the synopsis that I read Selena was mistaken by  somebody else!! Whew a mistaken identity a foreign land and to a teenager that would be hilarious and a lot of action I bet!! 

To add with the excitement felt by my nieces and cousins I told them i am going to buy ahead of time this June 29 their ticket at Fandango and I heard more shriek I had to cover my ears!! Geez  what a way to bond my nieces this Summer. It's been months that we haven't connected because of school and my out of town work. Well gotta do what I have to do make the teenagers happy  but I have to watch this movie too since I like Selena and the plot of the story makes me dream back my teenagers years ^_^ And hey if you like what you saw in the movie trailer click the link and click the LIKE in your  Facebook because I just did. See you at the movie theater tomorrow!!

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emmanuelmateo said...

thats interesting ate..
how are u?

Reader Wil said...

It's not the kind of movie I would liki to see. But I can understand that teenagers like it!
Thanks for your visit.

lotusleaf said...

A romantic movie for teenagers! Thanks for your visit.

Shifan said...

A romantic movie.Thanks for your visit.If you have a time please follow my blog,

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