Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Watery Wednesday

                 I don't know if I posted this already. But if I did I am so sorry can't just figure out what I am going to post here. I am not feeling good, looking outside makes me feel sick (we are part of the nine state that is hit by blizzard) and I think I have the symptoms of  "cabin fever" already. But by staring with this beautiful Day lilies makes me think that everything will turn out good and sooner this blizzard will be gone!
                         Linking this post to WATERY WEDNESDAY and my Photo Challenge #34


George said...

The water drops on this daylily are very appropriate for Watery Wednesday. The beautiful blossom helps me think warm thoughts of Spring. I hope the worst part of the blizzard is over for you.

jeannette said...

Yeah, today I keep hearing about the blizzard, and people posting beach and warm-weather pics instead!
Your macro is stunning!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kim, oh, my did an incredible job on this photo. I don't even know if I could figure out how to do that.

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick and are in the middle of the blizzard. Stay safe and warm, and get well soon!


Cildemer said...

Beautiful! Love the color of the flower and the water drops!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a nice day****

emmanuelmateo said...

wow..its so natural!

iTravel - kat said...

pagka gwafaha in..gorgeous shot jud Kim. anyway, sus apil diay mo diha sa blizzard. haguy stay safe na lang jud.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

No daylilies in bloom here this morning--it's 7 below zero!


The water pipes are freezing,
I cannot get a drink;
The water pipes are freezing
Underneath the sink.

I wish some kindly plumber
Would come with flame and wrench,
So I could get some water
My raging thirst to quench!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Frosted Window

lina@happy family said...

Very lovely flower and water droplets...
Hope the weather will be better there. Be safe and stay warm, Kim...

Thanks for dropping by

sylvia murphy said...

This is just lovely. It is amazing how crisp the entire field is.

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