Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Head gasket

Just came from the church today and after I had my lunch I immediately checked my emails. I see many emails coming from my cousin who lives in Los Angeles, California. She told me that she called me several times but nobody answered only a voice mail. So she wondered where I was and what happened. I wrote her back that I turned off my cellphone since yesterday because I don't have any load because it's prepaid. Anyhow, when she got my email she called me right away.

Well what happened then is that she had a problem with her car. The head gasket has some kind of damage and she didn't know want to do. I asked her who told her that the head gasket was broken or something , and she said her mechanic neighbor told her so. I said why not call the Los Angeles auto repair since they are known to be the best repair shop in the place. And sometime few years ago it's the one who maintained our Uncle's car before he passed away last year and we all knew that they have a very good service. Actually, there is no big deal if her cars head gasket or any kind of malfunction in her car, because she can call them and right away they are there. But then I think along the way as we talked she wants to buy a Honda Civic!! And I catched her wanting to have a new car. I asked her bluntly if she wanted to have  a new car and right away she said yes!! Oh well I told her if you wanted to have one and if it's in her price range why not go ahead. A car is not a luxury it's a need! 

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