Sunday, January 2, 2011

Camelback mountain

Yesterday, hubby and I attended a New Year party at my friends house. I had fun we ate and dance not all night long but the whole afternoon ^_^. Their house was located overlooking the hillside at the back of their house just a very good place.
Last night my SIL called us, she and her husband lives in Arizona and greeted us a Happy New Year. They are in their prime time age but they like to live in a house that is beautiful. She told my husband last night that while she was browsing some property in Arizona she saw  CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN HOMES FOR SALE online. Out of curiosity she looked at it and she was in awed how beautiful the houses are and the location is just so beautiful for her. I looked at it immediately to see if it's really beautiful, well I couldn't say anything it's stunning love it!! She told us that her son will come to visit them this month and hope that he will like it too for them she is aching to see it in person. Well can't blame her I myself love it and I could only imagine myself living in this beautiful place just classy. ^_^

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