Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family holiday

My cousin who is visiting her two sisters in UK send me pictures the other day. Well it's not by snail mail but by sharing it online. I was so excited to see them since my two nephew flew to London to be with their mom and dad are still young at that time. When I looked at the photos my goodness they are already as tall as their dad!! How time flies and how they grew so fast is beyond me.
When I received the photos I message my cousin that I got it and we started chatting online. I asked her when she is going back to the Philippines she told me maybe early next year or in the middle of next year. She loves it there because they always have a  family holiday together almost every weekend. You see my two cousins are nurses in UK and they both have their own family so in the weekend it's the time for them to be together and that's what my visiting cousin loves.

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