Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4 days to go

Yes it's four days to go and I am going to start my 365 Photo challenge. I am challenging myself to do this and will see if I can do it hehe. I am still thinking if I am going to take a photo in one day then post it every day for the next days or take a photo every day and post the best one, will see. Anyhow, New year celebration is fast approaching, please be safe!


Crystal Mary said...

Photography is wonderful. We are so very blessed with the digital today and not loosing a good snap. We can just wipe it out of the camera and take another. I lived in the USA for 3 yrs but am back living in Oz again now...north of Brisbane on the Sunshine coast..
Have a great New Year.

Crystal Mary said...

Forgot to say.. I love that snow photo!!!!!

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