Sunday, November 21, 2010

Buy insurance

Happy Sunday to everyone. The temperature here in the south part of MI is 44F and it's so chilly. I thought when I saw the sun come out this morning we had a sunny day today but I was wrong the sky is gloomy and dark. It looks like it would gonna snow but I hope not it's too early for, lol! So hubby and I went to attend the mass at 10:30 am and came home immediately. 
We were heading home when we see a car accident. It makes me scared when I see a road accident because we don't know what happened to the people inside the two cars. That situation open the conversation about when to Buy Life Insurance. I asked hubby if all the people here in the US has an insurance and he told me not all. He further told me that many that he knew who don't have Term Life Insurance it's because some have this thinking that to have an insurance they are going to be check with their health and everything. But he said that if they knew that there is such thing as Life Insurance No Exam and that should people would go to. I for one don't like to be check just because I purchase a Life Insurance, what is that for?
So if anyone of you my friends and relatives who are looking to Buy Life Insurance call 1-800-939-0710 a toll free number in United States and get a free insurance quote ^_^ .

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