Thursday, October 14, 2010

Five star mortgages

I just heard the news this morning that 400,000++ people file for unemployment benefits. I just wonder how this people will sustain their house payment? I am sure that some of this people have huge house and if it's big it means huge payment too. It's kind of sad to know about what is going on in our economy but I think we have to deal with it and just tighten our belt.
But honestly there are still some people who had a very good credit score and that means they can get mortgage to purchase a house. Five star mortgages deals with people who had a very good credit score. They can help you in whatever you need or question about having mortgages. This time you have an option to build or buy your dream home so why not call Five star mortgages, as in now!

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Gramma Ann said...

I sometimes think that a lot of the people losing their homes was of their own making. I grew up in a generation and time, where you lived in what you could afford. Dream homes turn into Nightmare Homes. I would rather have a small home paid for, than a large home and no money to pay for it. I think this younger generation needs to learn to live within their means.

I realize that is not the case for all who have lost their homes, but when I see the homes that people couldn't keep up the mortgage payments on, I say well no wonder, who needs a 10 room house with 4-6 bathrooms. Get real people.

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