Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home plans

We came home late tonight because we had dinner at my SIL's house. My hubby has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and all of us are together again tonight after almost six years. We talked several issues, mostly about politics and health. Everybody has  their own opinion about it but the bottom line they always agree most of the time hehe. 
My BIL who lives with his wife and his family lives in San Antonio, Texas for almost 30 years now and my first time to visit their place my jaw drop because their house is so huge and very beautiful. The design is like a Tuscany house and it's gorgeous I immediately fall in love with it. My BIL told us that he bought his home plans online. He couldn't believe at first when he knew that he could find an incredible home plans online. When he tried looking for a good one he found their dream house plan and voila since they had money it was constructed right away and now they are enjoying it. 


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

happy blogging,... nice post!

Annie said...

Happy times, Manang. So nice to get together with family that has been missed for so long.

The little cabin was originally an egg house. Can you imagine how much cleaning was involved in fixing it up? It is actually a very simple structure. Floor, walls, roof and not much in the way of insulation. But, like you, I would take it in an instant.

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