Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo of the day#2

A place I wanted to stay for now. I like watching body of water in any size, shape and form ^_^. I took this while hubby and I visited his son. I like to set down in the on the bench and I guess read a book. Or if the wireless can go that far I might as well bring my laptop lol. But then if I like to reflect things then I should not bring all those gadgets with me right? So for now these is my 2nd photo for the 365 photos that I will feature here in my photography blog.


uncertainhorizon said...

I love the colour... it looks like a wonderful place to sit.

Dave said...

Excellent focus and exposure here.

Manang Kim Im using Nikon for all my photos, how about you? Nikon and Tamron lens for macro.

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