Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pressure washer

Last year I am destined to clean up our porch and paint it. I was ready to go to a paint store and buy a paint but hubby interrupted me gush! He told me that before I am going to paint the porch he has to power wash it first. But we don't have a pressure washers how am I going to do my painting if that is the rule? So hubby told me that we are going to buy a nilfisk electric pressure washers at one store who is selling it. 
Lucky enough they have that brand nilfisk pressure washers it was so heavy hubby need and assistant to brought it out from the store and into the truck. When we got home it was him and I,  and I don't have any idea how am I going to carry that heavy washers. Thankfully, his son came by and is the one helping him lift the washer.  Now, I am planning again to clean and change the paint of our porch. I will of course, use the pressure washers to clean it up but that is no problem anymore we've got one.

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Annie said...

We have a rental store in town that has all sorts of equipment for RENT including - pressure washers. If we ever paint the front porch again, that will be our first stop.

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