Friday, January 29, 2010

Diamond fasterners

Hello guys I am here in Kentucky for now. Just arrived from a long drive and it was kind of fun though it was almost 6 or 8 hours drive. While driving along I-75 hubby talked about the days when he used to fly a plane. In fact when he was in his 40's he owned one a tiny private plane and he do like it very much then. He shared to me about how cheap it was the aviation fuel before and just thinking about how many miles he flew he thinks he can't afford to do it now because of the high price. Aside from that he don't owned a plane now so it will take a lot of money to just rent even for an hour hehe. He thinks that this times and day doesn't have the good times as before. He say's that sometimes he thinks about what if he will have a chance to fly a Thunderbird hehe that would make him very elated and so happy. But I told him that it might cause a lot of $$ even to just fly with the real pilots in a Thunderbird.
You see when I and hubby is chatting our topic varies and sometimes it's very serious sometimes we just joke around. So when he says that he dreamed of flying a Thunderbird I told him what if in his dream he wish to fly an space shuttle!! And we just laugh out loud because that is very much impossible. And he says, he couldn't imagine how expensive to make a space shuttle, all those materials like aerospace fasteners, aerospace bolts, and aerospace nuts. Geez some maybe cost as much as a small house hehe. So I told hubby, for now we are okey just to watch for plane shows and he answered " I am okey with it!"

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