Monday, November 2, 2009

Manic Monday

Most of the U.S. observed Daylight Savings Time yesterday. Is it easy or difficult for you to switch your body clock?

~~~ I woke up today an hour early when I glance the bedside clock it says 6:44 am I got up immediately but then realize that we were in DST so it was 5:44am but was okey then I started my household chores early.

Do you suffer from jet lag when traveling?

~~~ Oh yes, what is worse is when I visit to the Philippines it take at least 18 hrs to get there.

If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

~~~ I think it would be Frankenmuth, MI it is a town where German settlers setteled for how many years now. They have a place where Christmas is  celebrated everyday, restaurants buildings are designed like you are in Germany. It is a very great place to visit.

When you travel away from home, do you miss it?

~~~ Oh yes though it is exciting to travel away from home but often times it is nice to be home,  HOME SWEET HOME!!

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Diana_CT said...

I could never do an 18 hour flight. At work one time they wanted me to fly to South Korea and I got a note from my doctor saying I couldn't fly that long.

Frances said...

I would love to see aplace where Christmas is celebrated everyday!

Manang Kim said...

Hi Di, can't blame you it is really a very long flight. Thanks for dropping by I do appreciate it.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Frances, yes it is so exciting to see and visit a place where Christmas is celebrated the whole year through. Feels like it is a feast day all the time. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

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