Saturday, May 23, 2009

Purple Lilac

The first spring (2005) that I experienced here in US was fun. I was amazed by how beautiful the first bloom of flowers here. AFter a long winter, after the ground is covered with white and the trees looks dead, I don't blame people why they can't wait to see spring. Of course it is because the weather is comfortable and flowers are blooming everywhere, trees sprouting new buds. And one flower that caught my attention is Lilac, it has a good smell and it has different shade of colors. I have seen a lot of lilac where ever we go and I am imagining how I wish our property fence is lined with purple and white lilac, air will be filled with sweet smelling scent of Lilac, how awesome is that! But Lilac won't stay long after spring they are gone. Below, hubby took some Lilac for our vase because I love the scent exuding inside our house. Enjoy the pictures!
Lilacs flower on old wood, and produce more flowers if unpruned. If pruned, the plant responds by producing fast-growing young vegetative growth with no flowers, in an attempt to restore the removed branches; a pruned lilac often produces few or no flowers for one to five or more years, before the new growth matures sufficiently to start flowering. Unpruned lilacs flower reliably every year. Despite this, a common fallacy holds that lilacs should be pruned regularly. If pruning is required, it should be done right after flowering is finished, before next year's flower buds are formed. Lilacs generally grow better in slightly alkaline soil. 

Lilac bushes can be prone to powdery mildew disease, which is caused by poor air circulation. 

The wood of lilac is close-grained, diffuse-porous, extremely hard and one of the densest in Europe. The sapwood is typically cream-coloured and the heartwood has various shades of brown and purple. Lilac wood has traditionally been used for engraving, musical instruments, knife handles etc. When drying, the wood has a tendency to be encurved as a twisted material, and to split into narrow sticks. The wood of Common Lilac is even harder than for example that of Syringa josikaea. 


Tess said...

I love spring in the united states, there are so much beautiful flowers to see and enjoy.

ROSSEL said...

ganda na naman nyan manang kim. hay...bakit ang daming flowers dyan na hindi yata avaialble dito ano?

Manang Kim said...

Hi Tess, you're right. Siguro fave ko ang spring kasi buhay lahat from hibernating so much sa winter.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Ross, oo ang daming bulaklak dito na ang gaganda talaga. And some just do grow dito lang sa medyo malamig na weather.

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